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Who we are, what we do

We're a Los Angeles based boutique agency that works with customer centric companies all over the world to set up and scale customer experience operations.

We've created Customer Experience Operations for B2B, B2C and Ecommerce companies of all sizes, all over the world with a goal of bridging the gap between Customer Experience as a concept and customer experience in reality.

As part of our services, we create custom elearning for CX Operations, as well as trainings that will help you run your customer experience operations team efficiently and effectively.

Note: If we've designed a custom course for you, you already have access to add your users without us. If you need help, or ti get the direct link to your courses, please email us at info@theworkforcepro.com

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(310) 844-1172

Webinars & Meetings

You're invited!

We invite you to check out webinars and meetings hosted by our founder, Ty Givens. Some of the topics include: Managing Up, Creating Successful Customer Experiences and CX for Startups. Learn more about Ty Givens here: www.tygivens.info

Zendesk Solutions

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Check out our Zendesk Learning opportunities. Learn how to use Triggers & Automations and (when each is appropriate), or check out our custom Agent trainings.

Your CX Trainings

All customized for you

We work with some of the fastest growing companies and that means being ready for new hires, fast. Check out samples of our onboarding, Zendesk, workflows and new hire courses here.

Customer Experience Operations

Tips, Tools and Resources for Running CX

Running CX is not easy. You have to be in the past, present and future at once, while maintaining people, process and tech. We hope this space will be one where you can learn to balance... and also understand you are not alone!

CX Actually

Available for CX Actually Members

Our most inclusive bundle designed for CX Actually Members who are looking to further their career, resources and learnings in within the Customer Experience space. Members save $20 per month on this bundle. Visit www.cxactually.com to become a member.